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Kianjavato Volunteer Program

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Photo: C. Lebo

Photo: E. Louis

Photo: E. Louis

There's a need for monitoring lemurs

  • With activities like logging, mining, and slash-and-burn agriculture having already destroyed over 90% of Madagascar's original forests, natural habitats for many rare animals, especially lemurs, are severely limited.
  • The MBP large-scale conservation program at Kianjavato entails a reforestation program, monitoring for Greater Bamboo and Black-and-White ruffed lemur populations, along with community outreach and education programs.
  • Partnering with the University of Calgary and the University of Antananarivo, the MBP volunteer program has expanded to include monitoring of the Greater Bamboo, the Black-and-white lemurs, and is currently evaluating the need for an Aye aye monitoring program. Volunteers are also now assisting with the commune-wide reforestation effort in Kianjavato.


MBP Volunteers help monitor lemurs at Kianjavato

  • Key to the success of this endeavor are the MBP volunteers, who monitor these endangered and endemic lemurs daily in the forests of Kianjavato.
  • They are responsible for recording diet, home range and social interaction observations.
  • This will aid in determining the populations' genetic health and habitat management.
  • A diet evaluation will be assessed based on data collection.
  • Work closely with Malagasy field guides and other MBP personnel.
  • Participate in community outreach activities, including conservation education events.
  • Lead an English workshop, where field guides can learn English.
  • The MBP covers operational expenses (including meals) and research equipment, and provides housing (camp site) at the Kianjavato Ahmanson Field Station.


MBP Volunteers help rebuild forests around Kianjavato

  • Essential participants contributing to a reforestation program designed to reconnect fragmented forests over a mountainous terrain. This effort will ultimately provide animal habitat and benefit the local community through the establishment of sustainable food and lumber enterprises.
  • Hands-on participation in establishing tree nurseries, plant seeds, care for seedlings, nursery maintenance, grafting, and transplant seedlings into the landscape.
  • Collect various scientific data such as seedling germination and growth rates per tree species, number of seedlings cultivated and planted, record GPS points for each plant site, measurement of growth and survival rates for transplanted trees.
  • Take part in community outreach activities and language development courses for local Malagasy participants.
  • Assist with the development of water collection methods and other sustainable resource practices.
  • Learn more about our volunteers on the "Our Volunteers" page!



Interested in becoming a MBP volunteer?

We're looking to bring in many volunteers to join our consrvation and monitoring projects in Kianjavato, Madagascar. These positions involve working with our community-based reforestation effort.

Please note that all volunteer positions require a 6 month commitment.

If you'd like to be considered for any of these volunteer opportunities, please submit a copy of your CV, letter of interest, and the contact information of three references to our email address listed on the side of our webpage. Be sure to specify the project you are interested in and time frame of your availability.



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